Wazzup with Startups ep-1

Updated: May 11, 2021

In this first episode of "Wazzup with startups", we bring to you an extremely interesting interview 'Startup Grind' by Harsh Deodhar.

Harsh Deodhar and Harsh Shethia are interviewing the founder of 'Tight the nut' on startup grind to figure out the entrepreneurial journey of Azam, who is the founder. In case you wish to know more about Tight the nut from investment perspective, click here


Hot Startups worth having a look at this week


Tablt- the hot ePharmacy has been generating a lot of interest, of late.

You can checkout their latest details and summary from HERE

Aviotron: The aerospace themed ed-tech company, is unique as they are focused on experiential learning solutions to K-12 students through trending technologies such as Aerospace, Space-Ed etc.

They have had good success in last 3 years and are poised for more.

Check them out from Here


Other Interesting Happenings

The latest buzzword in the world of investing in startups is RBF or Revenue Based Funding.

Checkout this Economic Times Article about RBF as it brings out the pros and cons of this model of funding



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